We are proud representatives and partners of Clarion, with a wide range of audio solutions and entertainment systems.

Clarion has been working continuously for 75 years as a designer, developer and manufacturer of premium devices integrated into high-fidelity multimedia and audio electronics vehicles, navigation and rear view cameras.

At present Autopción together with Clarion has developed various audio solutions tailored to satisfy the needs of car manufacturers in the country and abroad.


Autopción creates in 2012 FIT-BASS in view of the need to have an original subwoofer equipment with good performance and comply with two basic rules: REDUCED SPACE AND DIRECT CONNECTION.

It is a product that allows to improve the performance of the audio system of origin in a car without altering or damaging the home installations through a direct connection and without sacrificing spaces.

It is part of the range of products developed by Autopción México and is marketed to various brands of cars as original equipment, complying at all times with the quality requirements and standards requested.